Festo is a leading world-wide supplier of automation technology. Their aim is maximised productivity and competitiveness for all of their customers.

Automation technology takes over routine tasks such as gripping, moving and positioning parts, modules of complete products in a typical factory environment. Festo has for many years been providing the technology necessary for such automation.

When it comes to cobots, Festo has a range of EoA grippers for Universal Robots including:

  • EHPS: Available in three sizes, 16, 20 & 25. Adjustable gripping force from 50N to 500N. Compact dimensions with stroke from 10mm to 16mm per jaw. 24 V brushless DC motor, no external controller necessary.
  • DHEF: Convenient and easy mounting to a standardized robot interface DIN ISO 9409-1 50-40 M6. No tools necessary to exchange the inverting cap (wear part) in shortest times. Grip with a form fit differently shaped objects. Safe detection of the piston with position transmitters or cylinder switches to detect the piston and to see, if an object has been gripped.
  • OVEL: Flow control for adjusting the ejector pulse. Generate vacuum using a solenoid valve to control the compressed air-supply. Lightweight solution with ultra-compact design. Separate solenoid valve for ejection pulse for safe placement of the workpiece. Analog pressure transmitter SPTE to monitor the vacuum level. Maintenance free operation and reduced noise level through an open silencer.

Pneumatics & Sensors Ireland are distributors for Festo products in Ireland. We can identify and source any Festo component to meet your application needs – often within 24 hours of first contact.