RG6 Gripper

The OnRobot RG6 Gripper at a glance:

  • Flexible 2 finger robot gripper with wide stroke
  • Flexible grippers can be used for a wide range of part sizes and shapes
  • Plug-and-produce design reduces deployment time from a day to an hour
  • Easy deployment with out-of-the box grippers reduces programming time by 70%

Why choose the OnRobot RG6 Gripper

The RG6 – 6kg payload robot arm gripper is a flexible collaborative gripper with built-in Quick Changer, up to 150mm stroke. It provides intelligence, fast deployment, easy customization and programming. The outstanding software features that come with the product enable intelligent applications. The RG6 gripper is a tool for wide range of applications. Customized fingertips provide extensive gripping flexibility, customers can use one tool for different parts of the production process maximizing robot utilization. The RG6 works seamlessly with our Dual Quick Changer and any of our other grippers to help you maximize utilization of your robots. The RG6 is TÜV certified, comes standard with safety shields.

Advantages of the RG6 Gripper

The RG6 gripper can be combined with the Dual Quick Changer module. The Dual Quick Changer operates with the same principles as the Quick Changer module. However, the Dual Quick Changer is designed to enable the use of two end-of-arm tooling grippers (EOAT) at the same time, allowing, e.g., a RG2 Gripper and a RG6 gripper to be used simultaneously. Our unique robot end-of-arm tooling gripper helps you maximize the use of your robots. With the Dual Quick Changer installed, production time is reduced, because more work pieces are being handled simultaneously. Overall, the Dual Quick Changer will approximately increase production efficiency by 50%.

RG6 Gripper Features

  • Large stroke
    Automatically detects the stroke at program start without initialization. The maximum grip stroke of the RG6 is 150 mm (adjustable)
  • Customizable fingertips
    The fingertips of the gripper can be easily customized, fitting the product shape for stable gripping
  • Automatic payload calculation
    Automatic payload calculations simplify the programming of the RG6 gripper
  • Integrated software
    The gripper comes with pre-integrated software that is easy to install and program, so even employees with no technical background can set it up
  • Grip indications
    Automatic “lost grip detection”, “grip detected”, “continuous grip” and “measure width” detections remove the need for manually programming these features
  • Automatic Tool Center Point calculation (TCP)
    Automatic calculation of TCP eliminates the need for extensive programming in addition to reducing the deployment time
  • Automatic depth compensation
    Automatic depth compensation ensures the gripper’s fingers sweep in parallel across work surfaces
  • TÜV certified
    Both the RG2 Gripper and the RG6 Gripper are TÜV certified

Download the RG6 Gripper Tech Specs