Material Handling Robots

Material Handling Robots with innovative grippers, computer vision and machine-learning systems can pick up a wide range of objects even in unstructured environments such as a bins or totes. Easily integrated SKU scanning and the ability to pick up pouches or products of nearly any size or shape make e-commerce, fulfilment, warehousing, logistics and supply chain operations simpler, faster, and more efficient.

Streamline your material handling, packaging and palletising, bin picking, labelling and kitting operations with collaborative robots. Relieve workers from repetitive work and heavy lifting by automating material handling tasks with lightweight collaborative robot arms. Automation helps you combat the rising costs of new product packaging and shortened product life cycles. Material Handling Robots make it easy to keep up with seasonal peaks despite labour shortages.

The Universal Robot’s intuitive, easy-to-program interface makes the arm perfect for small-volume applications as well as highly repetitive tasks. You can reprogram and redeploy the cobot as needed across your operations. If your work flow changes,  Material Handling Robots can be deployed quickly and easily in new constellations due their small size and lightweight design.

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