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Manufacturing PPE with cobots

Manufacturing PPE with cobots

Revtech, a Universal Robots CSI from Quebec, Canada, launched an internal challenge that saw groups of 3-4 employees join forces to design a face shield that could be produced in high quantities, fast. Once the final design was chosen, the team quickly set up a cell with a human operator and two UR10 cobots.

The process begins when one of the cobots grabs a plastic sheet and places it on a station. The second cobot then picks up a foam piece that’s glued to cardboard and places it on the plastic sheet. The same cobot then takes an elastic piece pulls it over the foam to the other side, and a pneumatic mechanism staples the elastic to the cardboard and plastic. Then the first cobot takes the plastic sheet and moves it to the next stopper to be stapled and finally places the completed face shield in a box.

Within just four weeks, the production cell was producing an amazing 700+ face shields per day!

If you have any questions or need assistance in finding the right Cobot please contact us on 051 643000.

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