End Of Arm Tooling

If you have ever researched Cobots, then you have most certainly encountered the terms “End Of Arm Tooling” or “EOAT”. EOAT – also known as end effectors – are crucial for unleashing the automation potential of collaborative robots. One could even say that there will be no automation advantages without at least one EOAT.

Though many might credit the robots solely for the optimization benefits without ever mentioning End of Arm Tooling, it is in fact the EOAT that are the unsung heroes of process automation. In this article, we present the most common EOAT for collaborative robot arms.

There are many types of EOAT for cobots on the market. Below is a list of the most common types of EOAT for collaborative robots.


Grippers are a very common type of EOAT. They are used for grasping objects and are especially suitable for assembly and pick and place applications.


Sensors extend your automation possibilities as they provide your robot with a sense of touch. By attaching a sensor to your cobot, you grant it the ability to work with fragile objects and perform delicate operations that would otherwise need the finesse of a human hand.

As you can see, End of Arm Tooling are crucial for optimizing processes. Although there is no doubt that cobot arms are essential for achieving this goal, neither productivity nor quality will improve unless at least one end EOAT the picture. Thankfully, both cobot arms and EOAT nowadays have accessible prices, meaning businesses of any size can get started with automation almost immediately.

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